…is the UK’s first B2B smart thermostat and asset management platform for large social landlords. By reducing the energy costs for social housing tenants, Switchee impacts on the Energy sector, which imposes the largest premiums on low-income consumers.


…gives employees complete control over when they get paid. It effectively ends the need for employer advances, loans and the stress caused by short-term, unplanned financial obligations. Its mission is to destroy the payday loan industry and it has a significant impact on financial wellbeing.


…is a SaaS platform for Credit Unions (‘CUs’), allowing them to become as flexible and responsive as payday loan companies. By improving the infrastructure of CUs, Incuto directly contributes to the impact they have on their members, presenting CUs as credible alternatives to the payday loan market.

…is an online platform that combats digital & financial exclusion via tutoring sessions. WAD works with corporate & government customers, supporting them with the challenges of having digitally excluded consumers. It ensures that excluded consumers can access products & services previously inaccessible to them.

…is a free, online platform designed to bridge the gap between the unemployed, funded training and support providers and advisors. It tackles digital exclusion by connecting funded training programs with unemployed people and offering digital inclusion training.

…develops and operates intelligent local energy systems, delivering cost savings to building products owners and cheaper electricity and heat bills to domestic customers.

…tackles social isolation for elderly and vulnerable people, helping them stay independent for longer through its smart connectivity platform and ancillary digital services inaccessible to them.

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